Control and Power Case Studies 

Control & Power Systems has successfully completed projects for customers across the UK and overseas, designing, manufacturing and commissioning bespoke solutions for organisations of all sizes.  
Our customers include private and public sector organisations across a range of sectors, including hospitals, prisons, water authorities, data centres, utility companies, telecoms industry businesses, banks, commercial premises and industrial businesses. Whatever your requirements, you can come to us in the confidence we have the knowledge, expertise and hands on experience required to deliver on your project. Here are some examples of our previous works: 

HMRC Washington 

The remit was to upgrade the three standby generator local control panels and the main control panel. The existing system was an old and obsolete Petbow system which controlled the three 11kv generators which provided emergency power to the HMRC site and also allowed for the generators to operate in parallel with the local grid supply. 
CPS remit was to replace all the controls, we proposed a new design utilising the latest technology using ComAp controllers. We manufactured direct replacement panels for the local generator controls ,which enables our technicians to replace each panel and install the new panels and minimise the time that each generator was off line. The process was to leave at least one generator operational at all times. The main control panel was replaced over a weekend to minimise the downtime. The whole replacement works was completed with the new system fully tested and commissioned and handed over to the client within 2 weeks. 

Stagecoach - 10 way EV Feeder Pillar 

The contract was to design and manufacture low voltage main switchboard and a 10 way feeder pillar for the new electric bus charging system at the Stagecoach depot in the South of England. 
The design was based around our BSEN61439-2 tested arrangements with the feeder pillar designed for installation outside the bus depot. 

West Suffolk Hospital – Bury St Edmonds 

CPS were the preferred supply to the trust for the new generator & LV system after many years of working with them on an older standby generator system. 
The remit was to design and manufacture a standby generator control system that would allow for parallel operation with the grid supply and also to provide local / remote monitoring of the system. 
CPS carried out the field wiring terminations and SAT / commissioning for the complete project. 

Switchboard system for Scottish Salmon Hatchery 

When a significant salmon hatchery on the northwest coast of Scotland began a programme of expansion, we were asked, via a contractor, to supply the new switchboard infrastructure. 
The project was completed in two phases. 
Phase 1: 
Year: 2023 
Switchboard: 6300Amp rated Form 4 Type 6 Mains switchboard 
6300amp mains/generator Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) 
DSE8660 mains synchronising controls complete with G99 compliance 
26 Feeder ACB or Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) 
Process: The system was built and wired at CPS. Due to the panel's length (over 17m), it was shipped to the site in Scotland in ten sections, where CPS engineers spent several days installing and rejoining the new system. 
The customer was impressed with the build quality and the expertise of our onsite engineering team, leading them to invite us back for the second phase. 
Phase 2: 
Year: 2024 
Switchboard: 6300Amp Form 4 Type 6 Generator synchronising switchboard 
Four 2500 Amp Generator Synchronising ACBs 
6300Amp feeder ACB 
Load bank connection ACB 
The system, due to its size (7m in length), was shipped in three sections. CPS engineers once again spent several days installing and rejoining the second phase. 
Both phases were successfully completed, with the systems being custom-built, shipped, and installed efficiently by the CPS team, meeting the customer's needs and earning their satisfaction. 

Chemical Engineering Organisation 

Our customer is an international chemical engineering organisation who were the victims of a weekend break-in. The thieves stole the copper from within the GRP external unit which housed the main distribution LV Switchboard. The LV Switchboard was damaged beyond repair and as a result mains power could no longer be supplied to a factory unit which was forced to be temporarily closed down; production was moved to a difference part of the site until a solution could be sourced. 
The customer needed a solution fast, so that their insurance company could progress the claim, a replacement unit installed, and the factory could resume normal production. 
Within 24 hours of the call, CPS had completed a site inspection. A modernised replacement unit including a main LV Switchboard, 3200 Amp LV mains incomer and distribution switchboard with power factor correction was proposed. The insurance company was able to process the claim and the replacement unit was ordered. 
With mains power reconnected, our client was able to reinstate production to the unit. CPS provided the complete service, from site survey through to installation, ensuring the process was seamless and quick. 
• Within 24 hours the customer had received a site survey, and a solution has been proposed and agreed. 
• CPS’ rapid response meant that mains power to be returned to the unit and production could be resumed. 
• An updated, replacement system was provided, getting the customer back online and futureproofing the business. 
• The equipment is serviced regularly by the CPS team to ensure optimum performance. 

NHS Trust Hospital  

As part of a modernisation project, CPS was tasked with replacing new mains control systems for three new generators for a major NHS Trust Hospital. The customer had 3 existing generators which were to be replaced with three new generators. 
Along with the new mains control system which had to be wired into the existing switchgear, we were also asked to supply a new generator synchronising LV distribution switchboard and accompanying dual mains control system. 
Following an initial site survey to assess the existing equipment we modified the existing hospital main switchboard controls and supplied a 2000A quick connect temporary generator connection panel. This allowed the hospital to connect to temporary back up generator power whilst the project was being completed. 
We then designed and manufactured a new 4000Amp Generator Synchronising Switchboard and new Dual Mains DSE8660 Mains Control panel. 
The team positioned and installed the switchboard and mains control panel and terminated all new site control cables. The existing hospital switchboard was modified to accept the new mains control panel. Finally, the team completed a full onsite commissioning of the system. 
Utilising DSE 8660MKII controllers, the new power management system ensures that the critical site supply is completely secure via a dual mains supply and up to 3 diesel back-up generators. Complex control logic makes testing easy with just the flick of a switch. 
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of your team for a great job well done. Your panels are great and the help you gave the Trust with the controls has been first class!! I have had nothing but glowing feedback from the NHS which is fantastic. Needless to say, I will send all my panel building and controls works your way. 

Envigo Research Centre – Eye Suffolk 

Control and Power Systems Ltd were approached by the client following several control issues and break downs within their three Generator synchronising control system that supported research blocks. CPS Ltd attended site and completed an initial survey of the generator control system at the Envigo Research Centre in Suffolk, after discussions with the client identifying a number of obsolete equipment it was suggested a complete new control & switching suite of panels would be the most cost effective solution providing the site with a secure back-up power supply. 
The new control system was designed and manufactured at our Scarborough facility, fully factory tested prior to shipping to site. CPS Ltd technicians attended site to carryout the works which involved providing a hire generator, removal of the old control and switchgear panels and installation of the new panel suite, before commissioning the new system and training of the onsite engineers. 
“I would just like to say how impressed we have been with the work that has been completed. Gary, Paul, and Jack have done a superb job, and have been a pleasure to have on site.” 
Envigo Team Leader 
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